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2021 Lake Superior Celebration Goes virtual May 27th

Thursday, May 27, 2021

LSSI Teams are invited to participate in the 2021 Lake Superior Celebration! This year’s celebration will take place virtually during the week of May 24th with an asynchronous project gallery for students to interact with, followed by a Virtual Celebration Finale with LSSI school team members from 4-5pm, on Thursday, May 27th.

The purpose of the event is to celebrate the stewardship work of LSSI teams that contributes to the sustainability of the Lake Superior watershed and its residents. We look forward to showcasing the great work of our LSSI teams in their local communities.

Each LSSI team is asked to contribute to the Celebration by:
May 21st - create a digital display for the celebration that communicates the outcomes of your team’s LSSI project. We encourage this display to be created and presented by students and incorporate student work. Guidelines below.

May 24-27: Visit the LSSI digital gallery with your students anytime during the week that works best for your schedule. Review at least two other projects as a class. After exploring the gallery, respond and record class reflections on the interactive form.

May 27th, 4-5pm: Come together virtually as educators and see what we’ve learned and celebrate! Registration to follow.

By 5/21 Digital Display Guidelines:

Students are invited to create a digital poster, slide show and/or recording (~5-10 min) to share during the LS Celebration.

Posters should be submitted to and include:

Title of project; School/District Name; Number & Grades of students; Teachers; Community Partners

Goal of LSSI project

Summary of project using the prompts below as a guide:

What community need did you address?

What strategies did you use to address this need? How did you select that strategy?

What is the impact of your work on the Lake Superior watershed?

What have you learned?

Visuals such as photos, diagrams, student work, videos, graphs;

Use a legible font, such as: Times New Roman; Arial; Garamond; etc.

Looking forward to sharing your outstanding work!