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May 17, 2018
Green Film: Burned: Are Trees the New Coal?
2018 Green Film Series presents: Burned: Are Trees the New Coal? (2017) Date &Time: 7:00-8:30 pm, Thursday ... >>more
May 11, 2018
LSSI looking for new funding to continue educating students
HOUGHTON — Ten years after opening its doors, the Lake Superior Stewardship Initiative (LSSI) has reached about a third ... >>more
May 9, 2018
Lake Superior Stewardship Initiative Celebrates 10 Years
A Keweenaw Peninsula environmental outreach program is celebrating its 10-year anniversary this week. K-12 students are ... >>more


Community-Building Events
2011 LSSI Events
Teacher Workshops
Community-Building Events
(in G002 of MTU Forestry Bldg., unless noted otherwise)
June 16  7 pm Green Film Festival: “Thirst” (Discussion Facilitator: Ellis Adams, Dept. of Social Sciences, MTU)
Sept. 15 5:30-8 pm Schoolyard Enhanced Learning w/ Dr. Herb Broda, Ashland College (Ohio)
Sept. 29 6:00-8 pm Invasive Plants: Their ID, Consequences & Control w/Janet Marr, botanist, Houghton-Keweenaw Conservation District
Sept.-Dec.2011 Meet the Scientist Speaker Series (guest scientists each month TBD)
Sept. 24-25 7:30 pm MOMIX dance illusionnists celebrate nature in “Botannica” performance at Rosza Center. The most spectacular dance creation, Botanica, follows the rhythms of the seasons, the evolution of the world, and the passing of a day, performed by an outstanding company that defies categorization as easily as its dancers defy gravity.  Botanica is inspired by nature and the four seasons, with a musical score ranging from birdsongs to Vivaldi serving as a backdrop for a magical exploration of a moving, animated world. (TBD: potential LSSI fundraiser & displays in Rosza lobby)

LSSI Dinner & Dialogue Events ~  September 2009 - May 2010

May, 2010

  • 5/6 LSSI Celebration & Sharing Event (click here for photos)

  • 5/12 "The Story of the Ojibwe Tribe in the Lake Superior Region" by Joe Dowd, Keweenaw Bay Indian Community. Explore the history, culture and experiences of the Ojibwe Tribe. 

  • 5/20  “Walking Lake Superior for Freshwater” with Mike Link and Kate Crowley

March, 2010

  • 3/1  “Woods, Water, and the Winning of Copper” by Larry Lankton, Dept of Social Sciences, Michigan Tech University.

    Many early settlers on the Keweenaw lauded the beauty of local streams, lakes, and woods. But like the copper that was mined, these natural resources were here to be used by industry, not admired or protected. Lankton's talk will explore how the mines used water and wood resources, and how their practices and attitudes changed with the advent of the environmental movement in the mid-20th century. 

November, 2009 

  • 11/2 “Where Do the Children Play?” movie showing at Portage Lake District Library in Houghton.

    This 50-minutes film examines the decline of unstructured play by children, especially in nature, and potential consequences: incorporates research from doctors, urban planners, and educators with stories from parents and children; and explores why children are losing access to green spaces.

    Did you know . . . The typical American child spends 44.5 hours per week plugged into electronic media? Get Outdoors! is a call to action to reconnect children and families with nature. Studies show that kids who play outside are healthier, do better in school, are better problem-solvers, more creative, feel connected to nature, and are more likely to be tomorrow’s conservation leaders. 

  • 11/4  “Exploring Mental And Physical Health Benefits Of Time Spent Outdoors In Nature” with Dr. Denise Mitten, Dept. of Recreation, Leisure Services & Wellness at Ferris State University.

    Research, human history,current culture, and personal antidotes of spending time outdoors and its benefits. 

  • 11/5  “Get Outdoors Summit” in Silver City

    The Summit brings together educators, parents, government agencies, community planners, health advocates, conservation, recreation, industry and business leaders to explore how to encourage more outdoor play.

  • 11/23 “Where Do the Children Play” movie showing at Michigan Tech 

September, 2009 

  • 9/24/09  “Investigating Community-Based Education and School-Community Partnerships” with Jon Yoder, Northwest Center for Sustainable Resources

    Explores how to design school-community projects that will meet curricular needs as well as  community partner needs; communication strategies for informing and involving parents, schools, and communities in LSSI projects. 










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