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Growing Up Green ~ new PBS film profiles Great L:akes Stewardship hubs in Michigan

Growing Up Green profiles a unique statewide, hands-on environmental education program in Michigan, the Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative. For the very first time, both rural and urban schools across the state are working to increase academic performance by involving students in local efforts to improve the environments they inhabit.

Link to the trailer:

Documentary Broadcast Schedule:

Station City Broadcast Date Broadcast Time
WCML Alpena April 3 10:30 PM
WCMV Cadillac April 3 10:30 PM
WTVS Detroit April 20 4:00 PM
WKAR East Lansing April 14 11:30 PM
WCMZ Flint April 3 10:30 PM
WGVU Grand Rapids April 27 4:00 PM
WGVU Grand Rapids April 28 11:30 PM
WGVK Kalamazoo April 27 4:00 PM
WGVK Kalamazoo April 28 11:30 PM
WCMW Manistee April 3 10:30 PM
WNMU Marquette April 20 11:00 PM
WNMU Marquette April 21 3:00 PM