L'Anse High School

(L'Anse Area Schools)

Project Description

2019-2021 Native Plant Gardens

Students will renovate five native garden boxes around the school building that were constructed as part of an earlier LSSI project (2014-2017). Students will visit local ecosystems--forests and wetlands-- to observe native plants in their natural environments. Field trip destinations include: Keweenaw Bay Indian Community (KBIC) greenhouse, Keweenaw Land Trust’s Lightfoot Bay Preserve, Sand Point restoration area at the KBIC Pow-Wow grounds, and L'Anse School District's school forest to gather information about native and non-native plants, and interact with natural resource experts in their community. Students will select native species to plant in each garden box, and research their uses for food, fiber, and medicine with assistance from the KBIC Department of Natural Resources ecologist. Students will communicate their knowledge to the community via signs that they will create for each garden box, written in both Ojibwa and English.

Teachers (* Lead teacher)

*Alanna Hamel, Earth Science, Chemistry, Physical Science
Sarah Briggs-McNeal, English
Melissa Scroggs, K-12 Principal

Community Partners

Keweenaw Bay Indian Community