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Teachers attend Teacher Institute to better teach students

by Aleah Hordges
Posted: 07.08.2015

HOUGHTON -- Teachers often say there's room for improvement, even for teachers.

It’s a reason why science teachers across the country are gathering in Houghton for the Teacher's Institute. For one week, teachers are learning skills to better educate students about authentic science research.

"Authentic research is actually kids starting at ground zero,” says high school teacher Lauri Davis. “They develop a question to answer, they develop the procedure to do the experiment, to answer the question, to collect the data, they analyze the data and then they can present the data in numerous different forms."

Teachers attending the Institute get a little something in return, as each receives two graduate credits.

"You also have to get additional credits every five years to stay certified so you can renew your certification. So this helps teachers get a renewal on their certification,” says Davis.

Today, teachers looked for frogs and salamanders, and measured plant diversity, cover, productivity, and rooting depth.

High school teacher Chuck Palosaari says, "I could use this in my science courses to teach students how to conduct authentic science research."

Knowing how to teach real science prepares students for college and science careers.

Teachers are working hard to gain the interest of as many students as possible in the science field.

“That's really tough. Yes we push for that also,” Davis mentions.

Teachers plan to use these skills with students in the fall.