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Outdoor Science Investigations Field Trip Program for K-8 Classes Oct. 19 through Nov. 25 - Registration Open

The Michigan Tech Center for Science & Environmental Outreach, in partnership with the Michigan Tech College of Forest Resources & Environmental Sciences, is pleased to announce that registration for the Fall session of the Outdoor Science Investigations Field Trip Program is now open.

We have two field trip leaders this year from the Michigan Tech College of Forest Resources & Environmental Science: Lizzy Barnes and Ande Myers. Lizzy recently completed her PhD in Forestry at MTU and is a former early elementary classroom teacher and environmental educator. Ande is in the Forestry PhD program at MTU, and has conducted scientific research and informal education experiences with youth. Both have worked with the Center in past years.


The Fall field trips will run from Monday, October 19 through Wednesday, November 25, and are open to all public, private and home schools. Please review the attached Fall Field Trip program flyer for descriptions of each field trip for grades K-8 classes and a list of possible field trip locations. Please use the online Fall Field Trip Request Form (link below) to make your field trip reservation.

Due to the shortened time for field trips this Fall, we are only offering one lesson per grade. All lessons align with Michigan Science Standards, and often also meet Mathematics and Social Studies Standards. Please select 3 possible dates to allow flexibility in scheduling. Field trip scheduling is on a first-come basis.

You will receive an email confirmation of the date, time, and location of your field trip, within 3 business days following receipt of your Field Trip Request form. Lizzy Barnes ( will do the scheduling of Field Trips.


To help defray presenter travel costs, the Center will charge $40 per field trip per class (up to 30 students). Since 2000, a grant from the Wege Foundation has provided significant funding to support staffing for this program. The cost is unchanged from past years.

Teachers from the same school are encouraged to schedule multiple field trips on the same day for more efficient time management.

MTU will send an invoice to your school at the end of each field trip season: fall, winter, spring.


All students, teachers and presenters will be required to wear masks. We will avoid use of shared supplies. Students will use hand sanitizer before and after the field trip. Any reusable items will be cleaned between uses.

In case of inclement weather, it is the teacher’s responsibility to contact the field trip instructor to cancel at least 2 hours before your scheduled trip by calling Lizzy Barnes at 715-212-7679 or Ande Myers at 260-415-3072.

If you have any questions about the Outdoor Science Investigations Field Trip Program, please contact:
Joan Chadde, Tel: (906) 487-3341 or Cell: 906-369-1121 Email:

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