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Chassell school gets field trip: The kids had a blast while learning science

What better way for schools to celebrate spring than to let the kids outside and embrace nature through education? To make this happen a program coordinated by the Michigan Tech Center for Science & Environmental Outreac brings field trips to local schools.

“Now that it’s spring,” said Environmental Education Assistant, Zachary Osborn. “We’re going to focus on what changes happen during spring and what changes happen with animals.”

Chassell First Grade Teacher, Diane Esterline, said her kids couldn’t wait for Osborn to present. “All day long,” she said. “They were super excited just to get the chance to be out of the classroom, learn something new and do something different.”

The program is partially funded by the Wege-Kinship Foundation in Grand Rapids, MI, which aims to get kids outside learning about nature and taking care of the environment.

“We’re going to teach kids some new vocabulary,” said Osborn. “And practice using their observation skills to look for animal adaptations.”

Osborn said that it’s important for kids to realize how important nature is, and how they can take responsibility for caring for the environment.

“It is nice that each class is getting to do a different lesson,” said Esterline. “So they’re not all just learning the same thing. They can mingle at recess and talk about [what they did.]”

(Some of this story was provided by Jesse Wiederhold, WLUC TV6 reporter, Houghton Bureau.)