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Western U.P. Summer Institute 2022 - June 22-24th

Geoheritage: Connecting Geology, Industrial Mining Waste, Climate Change, and Food Sovereignty

June 22, 23, and/or 24th!

Register for one or all three days: CLICK HERE
FREE, Up to 7 SCECHs per day; lunches provided.
Attendance for a minimum of 1 day is a requirement for LSSI Stewardship Project Mini-grants in 2022-2023 (up to $1000).
See attached flier and details below for more information.

This three-day institute will engage educators in learning about how the underpinning geology of the region has influenced human relationships with landscape and how humans have in turn influenced the landscape. The institute will explore the intersection of coastal settings, human activity, and climate change through the exploration of issues related to shoreline erosion, increased storm surges, lake level fluctuations, severe weather, and migration of legacy mining stamp sands (crushed poor rock waste). While the days are connected by a common theme, each day can be attended with stand-alone content.

June 22 - Buffalo Reef & Gay
Explore the source and impact of legacy mining waste on land, culture, and other beings, including vital white fish and lake trout spawning grounds (includes an excursion on the RV Agassiz).

June 23 - Sand Point, Baraga
Learn about KBIC’s community-based shoreline restoration work at this culturally significant place - the site of KBIC Pow Wow grounds, wild rice beds, and fitness trails within the 14-acre restoration area. The site has been negatively impacted by migrating mining waste (stamp sands) prompting efforts to: 1) introduce a diversity of native wildlife food plants to the remediated capped sands to increase habitat for birds and other wildlife, and 2) create relief in the topography of the landscape to lessen erosion potential and protect valuable coastal wetlands.

June 24: KBIC Peoples' Garden, L’Anse
Learn about Indigenous foodways, food sovereignty, honorable harvest, and the importance of reciprocal partnerships during this combined day of learning and service.

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