Barkell Elementary School ~ Grades K-2

(Hancock Public Schools)

Project Description

2015-2017 Barkell Elementary School Forest

(220 students / 12 Teachers)

Continue earlier projects of rain, vegetable, and pollinator gardens, learning about native and non-native species and their needs. Develop and interpret trail on school grounds to expand outdoor learning opportunities, and promote physical activity for students and community.

Teachers (* Lead teacher)

*Leona Blessing, Grade K
Dan Vaara, Principal
Emily Cavis, Young 5s
Amanda Andres, Grade K
Alisha Pihlaja, Grade K
Ashley Dunstan, Grade 1
Gladys Dupuis, Grade 1
Lynne Koivisto, Grade 1
Geneieve Nordmark, Grade 2
Becky Garnell, Grade 2
Karen Eddy, Grade 2
Melanie Walls, Rainbow Kids

Community Partners

BHK - Great Explorations Program
Hancock Middle & High Schools
Judy Lell, Gardening resource

Project Photos