CLK Elementary School ~ Grades K-5

(Public Schools of C-L-K)

Project Description

(104 students / 6 Teachers)

Foster outdoor leaning opportunities on school grounds, and at surrounding sites. Expansion and upgrade of the natural playscape area including: increase informational signage in garden, collect gardening oral histories, and interpret geological features on playground.

Teachers (* Lead teacher)

*Melissa Schneiderhan
*Barbara Kinnunen-Skidmore
*Holly Rivest-Principal
*Matt Hampton - Principal
Debbie Pavolich
Stacy Lancour
Julie Fenton
Margie Grondlund
Darrell Hendrickson
Julie Dlubala
Susan Rosemurgy

Community Partners

Calumet Arts Center
Keweenaw National Historical Park
MTU Geological & Mining Engineering & Sciences

Project Photos