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2023 Great Lakes NOAA B-WET Awards Announced

LSSI will partner with Michigan Technological University and the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community for the following project: "Braiding Knowledge Systems for Increased Earth and Climate Literacy: “Inawendiwin: Connection, Observation, & Learning Together”

This project will engage approximately 20 teachers and their students in the 1842 ceded territory of Michigan’s Western Upper Peninsula in a variety of Meaningful Watershed Educational Experiences (MWEEs). Building upon previous program success, this project will engage Great Lakes Indigenous Knowledge Holders, students, teachers, and the broader public in exploring the intersection between Traditional Ecological Knowledge, Earth systems processes, people, and climate impacts. Teachers and students will explore Lake Superior watershed issues identified by the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community (KBIC) including human migration, changing wildlife populations, changes in harvest seasons, drought, water valuation, and access to foods and medicines. The project will braid Anishinaabe-gikendaasowin (Anishinaabe knowledge) and “Western” science to support professional development opportunities, student-led stewardship projects, increase local watershed and climate literacy, and foster culturally competent communities by elevating Traditional Ecological Knowledge and climate impacts in the Keweenaw region.

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