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LSSI Attends the 2023 Place-Based Education Conference in Grand Rapids, MI, Nov 9-11

The Lake Superior Stewardship Initiative (LSSI) was well represented at the 2023 Place-Based Education Conference in Grand Rapids, MI, November 9-11. LSSI is housed at the Great Lakes Research Center and the Copper County Intermediate School District; the following presentations were shared by LSSI leadership team members with regional and national partners:

“Big Lake, Big Experiences: Place-Based Learning for Increased Climate, Earth Science, and Local Literacy on Lake Superior” - Erika Vye, GLRC/LSSI, Lloyd Wescoat, LSSI, and Jennifer Lynn, CCISD/LSSI

“Shared Ways of Knowing to Support Enriched Local Literacy and Deepened Relationships with Place” - Nigora Erkaeva, The Southeast Michigan Stewardship (SEMIS) Coalition, Sarah Anderson, Simon Fraser University, and Erika Vye, GLRC/LSSI.

“Shared Operating Space: Cultivating Relationships in Local Food and Environmental Education” - Abbey Palmer, MSU Extension, Rachael Pressley, Western Upper Peninsula Planning and Development Region, and Lloyd Wescoat, LSSI

“PBSE Meets MICIP: Explorations on Embedding Practices into District Plans” - Jennifer Lynn, CCISD/LSSI and Rachel Kent, Muskegon Area Intermediate School District

“Students Are Wowed by the Lake Superior Youth Symposium” - Joan Chadde, MTU Center for Science & Environmental Outreach/LSSI (retired).

The 8th Place-Based Education Conference was a national, three-day event designed to inspire and support a community of educators around the power of place-based learning. Place-based education transforms how teachers teach and how students learn by expanding classrooms to include a community’s organizations, history, and natural features. Investing in place helps youth engage in meaningful learning and civic life, provides vital support for teachers, and strengthens communities. The conference was hosted by the Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative; LSSI is one of six hubs within this network.

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